Pleamar 2 ' Pokj prywatny - Hitide Surf House

Pleamar 2 - Hostel Private room for rent in Gran Canaria


HiTide House
Private room for two people with double bed and possibility to accommodate up to 4 people. It is ideal for couples or groups of 3 to 4 people. It is located on the second floor near our terrace where you can enjoy incredible views of las Canteras beach. Bring your kids to enjoy a vacation in the cool atmosphere (contact us via email)
Basic price from: 45 Euro / 1 day CSF membership (1 - 2 person)




Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria to wspaniała wyspa, którą jak raz odkryjesz to będziesz chciał więcej i więcej... Cześć, czekamy na ciebie!

HiTide House

Paseo de las Canteras 57

35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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